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What type of rugs do you make?
Prairie Rugs are rag rugs – The world’s finest cotton rugs.

Where are Prairie Rugs made?
These handmade rugs are woven in India exclusively for Prairie Rugs, Inc.

What sizes are available?
2’ x 3’ – Front doors, kitchens, bathrooms

3’ x 5’ – Hallways, kitchens, mudrooms

4’ x 6’ – Under coffee tables, futon sofas

6’ x 9’ – Under dining tables

2 1/2 x 8’ – Hallway runners

Can custom sizes be made?
Yes. Ask a Prairie Rugs retailer for pricing and delivery details.

What colors are available?


Cobalt Blue








Cool Mint

Will the colors transfer?
We triple wash the rags after dyeing and before weaving to help prevent color transfer. A rug pad is recommended to prevent slippage and color transfer.

How are the rugs washed?
They can be machine washed, separately, in cold water. Line dry. They can also be dry cleaned.

How are Prairie Rugs different than “Garden Variety” rag rugs?
• We use Euro dyes which provide rich colors. The dyes are more expensive than the ‘local market’ dyes that the typically used.
• We use a high-grade 100% cotton warp thread. The warp thread is the skeleton that binds the rug together. This high quality thread insures these cotton rugs will last for decades - not just a season.
• Prairie Rugs use 30% more warp thread than typical rugs. This provides a tight weave.

Is child labor used to make your handmade rugs? Never. The rugs are made in a socially responsible and eco-friendly way. The workers are paid more than the prevailing wage with full benefits for their families.